Creating a space in which dialogue-based problem solving and skills development support better choices and better outcomes throughout the Caribbean.

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By supporting and promoting the highest standard of Alternative Dispute Resolution through provision of excellent administrative and support services, internationally certified training and strict adherence to a code of ethics informed by the principles of independence and non-partisanship, Dialogue Solutions is becoming the industry leader in all areas of dispute resolution in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

 Dialogue Solutions takes a problem-solving approach in helping clients determine the most effective resolution of all manner of disputes – from the most personal to the largest of corporate or construction matters.  We connect dispute resolution expertise with client challenges and guide the dispute resolution process from beginning to end, providing specialised support for all types of ADR ranging from mediation, adjudication, expert determination and arbitration to facilitation and dialogue processes. 

 Effective dialogue-driven dispute resolution must be equally acceptable across all jurisdictions.  At the core of the Dialogue Solutions business ethos is the belief that connecting across borders improves performance and promotes better understanding. Dialogue Solutions has a network of partnerships that extend from the Asian International Arbitration Centre in Malaysia, to European ADR centres such as the Clingendael Institute in The Netherlands and the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution in the United Kingdom, and regionally to the Dispute Resolution Foundation of Jamaica and the Caribbean Chapter of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Our roster of ADR professionals and trainers are among the most experienced nationally, regionally and internationally. As a result, Dialogue Solutions can provide specialised ADR services ranging from high stakes arbitration to emotionally fraught disputes requiring specially trained mediators.

The Dialogue Solutions training faculty are all certified adult learning trainers who work as a team to design and deliver dedicated training programmes intended to provide participants with a range of dispute resolution and leadership skills. In addition, Dialogue Solutions offers coaching and mentorship.

Our overarching goal is to create a space in which dialogue-based problem solving and skills development supports better choices and better outcomes throughout the Caribbean.

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