40 Hour & Practical Mediation Skills Training - Registration

The training will provide a solid grounding of mediation tools, techniques and process that can be applied in resolving any commercial, workplace or civil dispute.
  • Online and In person Training
  • all day sessions
  • Independent case work
  • Group Course Work
  • Real and Role play segments

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Cancellation Policy:
  1. Registration is only confirmed upon receipt of this form by Dialogue Solutions Limited accompanied with appropriate payment before 12th March, 2021
  2. Full payment refunded if cancelled before 1st March, 2021
  3. 50% of payment will be refunded if written notice of cancellation is received by 8th March, 2021
  4. By submitting this registration form, registrants acknowledge that payments are NOT refundable if cancellation is made after the 12th March, 2021.
  5. In cases where registrants neither cancel nor attend this function, please note that there is NO entitlement to a refund under these circumstances.
  6. Payments can be made via Bank Transfer to Republic Bank Ltd account number: 340801136702 with a follow up email with proof of payment, Cash or Cheques which should be made payable to Dialogue Solutions Limited.